Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Broken Storm Shutter = People In Our Apartment

All of the windows in our apartment have storm shutters. As I was rolling the one in our bedroom up for the day, I heard a snap and the shutter went into a free fall. The cable was broken. The shutter was sitting at an angle and I was very happy it broke in the closed position.

I sent a message and picture to our landlord on Saturday and he had technicians here first thing Monday morning. We didn't like people in our home in the before time, but now! Aaaaaa! There were three men including our landlord. I asked him to make sure anyone that comes in the apartment must wear a mask. He reassured us that he would.

And indeed, everyone was wearing a mask. We wore our masks and stayed 20 feet away from them in the living room while they were in the apartment. The work to replace the cable took less than 15 minutes and they cleaned up after themselves and when our landlord showed Vince how easy the handle was to turn, he used a cloth to touch the handle. They were all so kind and professional and they were in and out in a flash.

We really wanted to do this!

Vince and I talked about how to protect, clean and make sure we have our bedroom safe again. After they left we sprayed disinfectant and closed the door for 3 hours to let any particles drift to the floor. Then we put all three of our industrial size dehumidifiers in the room for 8 hours to dry out the air. We washed the bed cover, sheets and pillow covers and wiped all the surfaces with alcohol.

We both felt so vulnerable. I think we did the best we could. I'm still scared. We had a nice talk about where we live, how we go about our day, how we try to be as safe as possible and that if we ever start to think everything is fine we will remind each other that we want to live several more decades and in order to do that we must remember how scary this is for our ages and our underlying health conditions.

So, we will continue to go through the ups and downs of this roller coaster of emotions and do what we feel is right for us. I will feel better tomorrow. We wish everyone well.