Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Our Tribe is Small and Comforting

This image was taken from an 800 year old tomb in the Monastery of Alcobaca, Portugal 

We need basic necessities, shelter, food, clean water, breathable air, sleep and clothes to keep us warm.  

Humans are strong and resilient.  We can do anything and often without help.  "I can do it all by myself!" starts at about two years old.  "I don't need you to do it for me, I'm not helpless." continues into old age......until the moment we are.

Living in a country where you don't read, write or speak the language can be a daily challenge.  We are lucky here in Coimbra, many people speak or understand enough English to help.  Then there is Google Translate and charades.  I'm really good at charades!   And we are learning the language and can communicate much better than we did two years ago.

My point is, even if we are alone in a foreign land, all by ourselves, no family, or friends or co-workers, we still need contact, connection and companionship.

People ebb and flow throughout our lives.  Some may not stay long but we make lasting memories along the way.

True friendship comes from those that support you, come to your aid, listen quietly, laugh with you and truly "see" you.

I see you
I treasure you