Sunday, May 14, 2017

Liverpool, England

More than a year ago we contacted some friends we met on a previous cruise that live a few minutes outside of Liverpool and asked them if we could meet and go on a cruise together.   During the waiting we moved from Thailand to Portugal and it made the flight SO much easier to meet them at their home.   Malcolm picked us up at the airport with a giant hug and got us sorted at our hotel before taking us back to his house where Joyce had cooked a lovely dinner of roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and trifle for desert.  We did some catching up and he took us back to the hotel for a nice rest.

British Air from Lisbon to Heathrow to Manchester England

Manchester, England

The beautiful Warrington Gate in Merseyside UK

Premier Inn Warrington Road was a nice sleep with comfy bed and pillows

Malcolm and Joyce's house

They found Burt's Bees and gave me a very kind and generous present.

This was the pub attached to the hotel where we had breakfast.

The pub at the hotel

Across from the hotel was this church yard.  I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the mossy headstones.

This is the original shop where the Beatles had their hair cut 
and then it was part of the song "Penny Lane"  

Malcolm is looking good

In front of Paul McCartney's childhood home in Liverpool

The childhood home of John Lennon

Vince said it looks like I am a stalker!

Liverpool Wheel 

The Royal Liver Building   Pronounced with a long I.

We didn't go through the exhibition because it was too crowded all we wanted to do was sit down for a nice cup of coffee and a nibble.

The cafe was fun and we took some pictures of things on the walls.

The coffee, almond biscuit, and chocolate was delicious.  I wish I would have bought more of those chocolate bars!

This was a display at the Albert Dock shopping area and this is made out of thousands of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Church of Our Lady and St. Nicholas

One of the gates to Strawberry Fields of Beatles Fame.  The sign has been nicked again.  Strawberry Fields was a children's home on many acres of land.

The Pumphouse at Albert Dock

Nuff said......Is the song in your head now?

Sgt. Pepper's Bistro

Mersey Ferry Building

We are tired and need more coffee

Street food cart


Yes they weirdly tasted like wine

The museum of the Harbour Master as it would have been during WWII 
complete with blackout curtains.

It seems many cities have locks for love

For dinner Malcolm went to their favorite Fish and Chips place and brought back dinner!   We both loved it and the mushy peas were outstanding!  They taste a lot better than they sound.  It was like having fresh sweet garden peas on you plate!   

On our way from Liverpool to Southampton will take about 4 hours by Eavesway coach.  The driver was wonderful and the assistant gave a safety briefing before we started out.  More countries should be so polite and safety conscious.   Here is her briefing...." Welcome aboard ladies and gents,  For your safety there are 3 emergency exit doors and 5 emergency windows and we are equipped with 3 fire extinguishers.  The coach has free wifi.  If you are not able to connect within 30 minutes please let me know and I will contact our tech and he will allow us more connectivity.  We also have a toilet on-board.  Gents, the coach is very rocky so we would ask you to please do sit down because no amount of freshener will help you if you don't"     

It was a gorgeous day with bright blue skies, white puffy clouds and the bright yellow of the rapeseed fields in bloom.  I held down the shutter and did a "spray and pray" hoping to get something.  I am pleased even if it is a little out of focus.  

The English countryside was stunning.  These are hedgerows to divide acreage.

My favorite!  

A great big thank you to Joyce and Malcolm for showing us a wonderful time.