Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Always Give Yourself a Present on Your Birthday

In the past I have tried to make everyone's birthday special including my own. Celebrating the life of those you love is a very nice thing to do and can be full of laughs but sometimes things don't work out as you planned.

“It's the thought that counts” ….. really means that you should always think things through completely before you make a phone call to that special loved one at 6 am and play the Beatles Birthday Song blasting in their ear! I can't apologize enough for my over exuberance when all you really needed and wanted was to sleep in from your late nights studying for your masters degree! Moments like that scar people for life.

Then there was the very funny time when I pestered my son for weeks that he should buy me flowers on his birthday. It appeared he ignored me so I moved on. We were going to the movies for his birthday and he paused to opened the trunk of his car while I wasn't looking and put something behind his back. The sweetheart proceeded to remind me of my request and how he thought it was a very lovely idea. I nearly died from laughter when he handed me a large sack of flour! And, yes, I did go home and put that same flour in a beautiful vase on the dining room table!

So, my present to myself this year is going to be a cake, and not just any cake. My favorite is German Chocolate Cake....but, 

I can't find the ingredients here so I decided on a Super Moist Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Butter-Cream Frosting and I plan to decorate it with fresh flowers. The picture I have in my head is something like this.
It will be interesting given the fact I am NOT a baker! 

The cake is only the the vehicle to which I intend to fully embrace my dream. Like a person being terrified of heights and forcing themselves to confront their fear, I am the opposite and I am hoping that by fulfilling my passion I will finally be able to let it go. I can't recall how long I have had this dream, but ever single time I am in the presence of a celebration cake I can hardly control myself.  For many years I have been able to keep my poise and dignity intact but not today!

I don't follow the lines when I color.
I don't walk on the sidewalk with all of the sheeple.
And at the age of 63 I am doing what will be considered “Unbecoming for a lady my age”

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is my final result

Oh yes I did!

 We all expected to see my face covered in frosting but it was firm not fluffy

That is two bites worth

I can have my cake...

How did you feel?
I was apprehensive because I didn't want to ruin how pretty it was, but that only lasted a few minutes.  I was hoping that it tasted good so I wouldn't have to spit it out in the video!

What was it like?
Sinking my face all the way into the cake and taking a huge bite was amazing!  I am glad they told me to do it again.   After I cut a slice for each of us from the opposite side and took a bite with a fork, I said, "Well, this is a boring way to eat cake!"

Did it work?
I won't know for sure until I am near another cake, but I really don't think so.  I might have created a monster.  We had a fun conversation about what has gone through my head at wedding receptions!

My presents.  The book treasure box is from my friend E.V. and the chocolates are from Vince.  I bought myself the Kinder Egg and the cobblestones are for a painting project with E.V.

I have wondered what is inside the Kinder Eggs. They are not illegal in Europe, but they are in the U.S. because there is a toy inside. It is a law from 1938!

This is my new desk for crafts, sewing and whatever.